About Us

Welcome to Brothers & Son!
It's taken us a while to get here, but we have finally caught up with the rest of the online world. Our journey started in the beginning of 2016, and with the minimal amount of skill set and next to no experience, the road ahead was filled with a lot of experimenting and even more mistakes, and with that - a great dose of discouragement. But in a society where deadlines and office walls and the 'every-man-for-himself' mantra are a daily reminder to us all, we kind of stopped and wondered if there wasn't something bigger than that, something over the horizon, calling us for a purpose greater than ourselves. And there was. Community. To not only see (really SEE and notice) those around us, but also the beauty around us. To not be consumed by increasing our possessions, but rather relationships. We hope our products inspire you to get out there; out of the norm, out of routine. And while doing so to acknowledge the wild call of your heart. And then pursue it.
~ Johan & Chris

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